Commander Erwin Smith
Anonymous asked: sorry this is unrelated to the ask blog, but your art is really pretty, do you have another gallery somewhere that i could admire?

(( Haha, no problem. My most active gallery is my art blog, but I also have a devART account. Thanks for liking my stuff. *o*

Unfortunately, I’m a huge One Piece fan, so both are cluttered with that. xD ))

askhumanityssoldier replied to your photoset
Your art is so manly, and it screams ERWIN. Gosh, you’re awesome.

(( *sputters everywhere*

OMG thank you! ;u; ))

(( Shoo, I just started this blog, and I’m already letting you all down by being inactive. I’ll get some asks done by the end of the week, for sure.

Also, since this is highly relevant, and a few people have already begun to talk about this… ARM ON OR ARM OFF?? or armin? Important life decisions are important. ))

Anonymous asked: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I forgot where I put my 3DMG stuff!!!! Have you seen it anywhere????!!!!????!!??

Take a deep breath and calm down. From the sound of it, I doubt you’re in the right mind to handle any gear. Go get some rest and you can look for it tomorrow.

Anonymous asked: Hey mun, have you heard of the Multiverse theory ? It means there are other universes. What is so cool about, is that maybe Attack on Titan is true !

(( I have indeed! Unfortunately, my mind is wired to a pretty strict “seeing is believing” manner of thinking, so I don’t find it very likely. (Of course, I can’t be too sure of myself, so the possibility of multiple universes does still exist…)

But on a different note, I SURE HOPE IT DOESN’T EXIST, OMG. I mean, living in the SNK universe would be awful. D: ))

Anonymous asked: Commander sir, I've been thinking lately, could it be possible that Eren's father could be the enemy ? We don't know what is in that basement, and Eren's powers, it was given to him via injection by his father... ugh, I must be ahead of myself, I'm sorry sir for wasting your time.

Please, do not fear that you are wasting my time. Your thoery is valid, as are many others that I’ve considered. I have decided that young Eren is innocent enough, but rest assured I am wary of his missing father. However, I cannot rush a decision based on mere speculation. Whatever we find in the that basement will be a pivot for humanity’s next move, as well as Dr. Jaeger’s innocence. 

Anonymous asked: I understand the position you are in Commander, it wouldn't kill you to come up with effective tactics against the titans and decrease casualties. Tell your researchers to invent new equipment. I don't mean any disrespect, Commander.

I don’t think you quite understand my position if you don’t believe that I am working day and night to find the best solution for my soldiers. I do not find glory in throwing these men and women to their deaths; I wish for them to return home to their families alive and well, not in pieces. But there is no way to tell whether or not our newest inventions will work—we are not gods. We can’t even predict the next attack, let alone discover tactics that will ensure decreased casualties. 

I am sure that your intentions are innocent, but I’m afraid that they are naive. I will not take offense, however do not insult my men by suggesting that I am not putting my best effort to protect humanity.